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CJ Web Designers are located in Billericay Essex, offering a full range of website designs depending on your requirements. We provide a cost effective and professional website design service for all your business solutions.  We specialise in flexible website designs which are mobile friendly including search engine optimisation (SEO). All websites are registered with Google and other major search engines to gain optimum covereage.


What we offer:

CJ Web Designers make it easy for you to communicate directly with us at any point in the process. We build up relationship that we hope you'll have faith in, and whether you’re a new client or an existing one, we won’t just tell you what we think you want to hear. Honesty is always the best policy, and we pride ourselves on offering transparent advice and feedback, to ensure that we build a solution that is not only as efficient as it can be, but also stays within your budget.


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Whether you are an individual small/medium size business or an established business requiring a few basic web pages or more complex solutions, please contact us to discuss your full requirements without any obligation. Let us develop your ideas into a website at an affordable price without any hidden extras; whether you are considering promoting your new or existing business, we can assist you in designing your website.


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Quality of service:

We offer fixed prices with full a maintenance service if required, also with the added flexibility of bespoke website and logo designs.


Being a smaller company, our aim is to be affordable with a personal service, including search engine optimisation web page friendly service.


All our websites are besoke designed to meet with your requirements, we do not use Template Designing Software, ensuring full flexibility .


Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web page design


A responsive website is one that can automatically adapt to the device size used, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.


Reponsive designs can take longer to design and implement compared to fixed-width designs, but have the advantage of being future proof with the ever changing devices and new technology in the market place. Please discuss these options with us to ensure you have the optimum website for your business needs.


The last few years have seen mobile traffic soar and, it’s only set to grow in the years to come. Google's focus is to provide its users with the sites that have the best usability and the most relevant content to improve their experience and consolidate its position as their preferred search engine.


This website is a responsive design, you are able to see by adjusting the width of your browser window or viewing on a Smartphone.

Non-Responsive website

A Non-Responsive website also known as a fixed width layout which can still be viewed on all devices, but the layouts are the same on all device sizes and may appear smaller due to the browser compressing the design on smartphones.


With this design, you are still able to have the versatility of a dropdown menu option similar to the responsive website when a smaller device views the website. The device screen size is automatically detected so show this type of menu option. 


The advantages to this method is that it is quicker to design, totally flexible in the layout and cheaper development cost.

Responsive website

A Responsive website will automatically change dimensions depending on the device that is viewing the website.


The advantages of this type of web design is that it can easily be viewed on smaller devices i.e. smartphones as the layout will change to a single column look instead of viewing the standard fixed mode, whereby the website looks more compressed.


This type of website takes considerable more time to design and develop and not as flexible in its layout format.

Mobile Design website

A Mobile Design website. This is a dual website design, whereby there are two designs of the website. This is known as a server-side design whereas the Responsive is a client-side design.


The disadvantage is that 2 versions of the website have to be maintained, whereby if you change text in the standard Home Page design it also has to be maintained in the mobile site. You can normally see these type of websites if you are viewing on a smartphone and the browser URL may look like m.index????.